Rehab Glassco’s Message in a Bottle – The Recycling Message is Hitting Home for People

04th October 2012

“The message from our bottle banks is clear – recycling is part of the household routine for people across the country.” says David Farrelly, Operations Manager with Rehab Glassco. Figures released by Rehab Glassco – Ireland’s largest glass recycling company – to mark Repak Recycling Week (1 - 7 October), show that in the first eight months of 2012, on average 40 glass bottles and jars were recycled per head of population. In the period from 1 Jan – 31 August 2012, Rehab Glassco facilitated the collection and recycling of approximately 193,000,000 bottles and jars and almost 60,000,000 cans. These statistics indicate that the message of the importance of recycling has hit home to local residents.

So far this year the people of Galway city are the top recyclers with deposits of 57 bottles or jars for every man, woman and child in the city. The people of Waterford city are the next best recyclers with an average each of 50 items of glass recycled per person. The busiest Rehab Glassco bring site at present is Tesco Ardkeen in Waterford city with 286 tonnes of glass deposited there so far this year.

David Farrelly said, “These figures show that recycling has become routine for households. The network of bring banks provided across the country facilitates this and we are delighted that the recycling message is being taken on board by members of the public. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that people are using less glass bottles and jars in their homes which could be down to a variety of factors, however the rates of recycling have stayed consistent. This is a winning result for the environment in helping conserve natural resources, lessen landfill loads and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Dr Andrew Hetherington, CEO of Repak, said. “In the last 15 years Repak has seen packaging recovery and recycling rates grow substantially, this is never more evident in glass packaging where we have grown glass recycling rates from under 33% in 1998 to over 78% in 2010. Glass recycling is now something everybody does. Ireland is now ranked 7th in Europe for packaging recycling, thanks to the recycling efforts of the general public, and to the great work of the local authorities, contractors and processors like Rehab Glassco.”

Rehab Glassco continues to lead the way in glass recycling in Ireland providing over 1,800 collection points in 25 local authority areas. Almost 92,000 tonnes of glass collected by Rehab Glassco in 2011 was recycled at its state-of-the-art facility in Naas, Co. Kildare. Over 58,000 tonnes came from bring banks in the form of domestic glass, with the remaining 34,000 tonnes collected from the hospitality sector.

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