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Rehab Enterprises Navan - sole distributor of Escape Mobility products in Ireland

In case of an emergency you may not have access to a lift, or you may not be able to use the lift (for example, a fire-or smoke alarm, technical fault of the lift, power failure, etc). In these situations the Escape Mobility chairs and mattress allow you to assist people with reduced mobility to move to an area of safety on another level of the building in both a safe and timely manner. All of the products are ready for use within a few seconds and allow a person to be transported over the steps of a flight of stairs. 

As no two buildings are the same and no two situations are the same we will assist you in choosing the right evacuation aid for your organisation or business. We provide full training in the use of the Escape Mobility products. We also provide a maintenance service.


- Why an Escape-Chair®?
  • Removes the necessary to carry people
  • Safe evacuation over the stairs
  • Ready for use within a few seconds
  • Can be operated by a single person
  • Speed of descent can be determined by the user
  • Easy manoeuvring in the evacuation flow
  • Forms no blockage on the stairs
  • Fits in any safety plan
Escape-Carry Chair® ST-PLUS
Escape-Carry Chair® with carrying handles
  • Equipped with glidebelt cassettes which allow evacuation over the stairs
  • A carrying bracket and carrying handles, which makes it also suitable for evacuation upwards, e.g. from a basement
  • Reflecting straps on the headrest for increased visibility
  • An ergonomic dual backrest and a comfort seat provide stable and comfortable seating
  • A two-height adjustable operating handle
  • Can be fitted with armrests and/or a footrest
Escape-Mattress® Fold
For people with mobility problems to be moved in a horizontal position to a safe location
  • 4 handles on each side; 1 long and 1 short towing strap at the head end as well as the foot end
  • 4 body flaps - 2 per side
  • Foot bag
  • Headrest
  • Can be folded double making it easy to move and store
  • Material is resistant to blood, urine, acids and alkaline
  • Once unfolded, it is immediately ready for use
  • Can be stored, hygienically and dust-free, by using one of the accessories

For a full range of products go to www.escape-mobility.co.uk

For more information or to make an order call us today on 1800 661 551 or email patricia.ronayne@rehabenterprises.ie.

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